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What is measured exactly with the moisture sensor?

The moisture sensor measures both the temperature in the concrete and the conductivity between the two outer stainless steel rings. The conductivity value is referenced to the surrounding material and the temperature value through the software, resulting in a moisture value in percentage. Note Our philosophy is not to be the best and most precise […]

How close to the rebar should the sensors be installed?

There are no specific guidelines for this. It depends on the engineers’ choice of when to trigger the early warning. Some engineers place the corrosion sensor so that the lowest level of the corrosion wire is precisely at the level of the reinforcement to know when corrosion started at that level. However, this does not […]

What is the exact material of the sensors (including wires)?

The material of the sensor bodies is a robust hard plastic manufactured by injection molding. The sensors are encapsulated with epoxy resin, and there is a granular layer on top for better adhesion to the concrete. The moisture sensor measures between two stainless steel rings. The wires on the corrosion sensor mimic the rebar using […]

What specifically about the sensors allows them to stay in concrete for 80 years?

The sensors are very robust and do not contain active electronics. The electronics embedded in the sensors are optimally protected by a thick surrounding layer of epoxy resin, ensuring that external influences such as moisture, stress, etc., do not damage the sensor. The statement about the sensors having a very high lifespan is also based […]

Can I integrate the data into my existing monitoring system(s)?

Yes, it is possible to integrate into third-party systems, allowing for monitoring sensors from different manufacturers in one place or using one software solution. The data can be integrated via common interfaces, such as through iFrames into other systems, enriching BIM models with live sensor data, for example.

Who can install the sensors?

Installation can be provided either by the manufacturer/seller of the sensors or done independently after training provided.

How much do these cost?

We are happy to assist you with your project plans and provide a complimentary monitoring concept for each object. Prices are available upon request, and we recommend considering the prices in conjunction with a specific project plan as part of a comprehensive concept.