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Case Studies

The determination of building data to estimate the risks and costs is becoming increasingly important—not only to developers, planners, and builders, but to property owners as well. Many customers are becoming more sustainability and durability-conscious. This places greater pressure on developers to invest in emerging technologies to drive efficiencies that boost profits and structural safety. Despite our technology’s recent introduction to the US, we have a catalog of case studies to demonstrate the efficacy and value.

Monitoring and assessments of structures

New technology allows real-time rapid assessment of a building’s state of health. The prerequisite for an assessment of a building substance is monitoring systems that are very durable and provide simple but reliable information about the most important structural parameters. In addition, extreme demands are placed on the installation of the monitoring systems and their modifiability to complicated construction situations.

Important parameters for the assessment of the building substance:

External Parameters

  • Climate (Outer Temperature + Humidity + Dehumidification)
  • Loading frequency
  • Salt entry (The atmosphere. Salt dispersion during cold weather)

Internal parameters

  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Corrosive influences
  • Density
  • Aging

New Construction

Monitoring solutions for new bridges

Repair / Maintenance

Monitoring solutions for tunnels