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Our unique approach to reading sensor data.

The CorroDec®2G sensor system is based on the RFID principle. This means that the remote structural health monitoring sensors do not require a power supply or data transfer cables–unlike many others on the market. Instead, the readers remotely supply the energy for the sensors through induction. When a sensor is activated the data is transferred to the reader in 3 to 5 seconds.

Remote inquiry.

Same data with less work.

Remote structural health monitoring enabled by fixed gateway that automatically reads data from embedded sensors

Sensors can be queried with the help of the system extension for remote reading, which is attached to the structure within the reading range.

The data is automatically transmitted via the I-Tek-Universal Monitoring System and can be visualized on our dashboards and reports or directly connected to an existing internal monitoring system. This means that the structure’s condition at the neuralgic points can be called up remotely at any time. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and potentially dangerous manual reading tasks.

  • NB IoT technology upgradeable 5G/6G
  • Gateway power sources tailored to requirements (cable, battery, and/or solar)
  • Wireless passive RFID communication system
  • Secure/encrypted data transfer (proprietary conversion)
  • Proprietary gateways and sensors
  • Fully scalable

On-site reading.

Gather data with a handheld device.

Manual reading of sensor data with a handheld device.

Placing a handheld reading device near the sensor induces its activation and triggers it to report back its status for evaluation.

The data captured on-site automatically transmits to our InfrastructureTek Data Hub for analysis and display across web-based dashboards and customized reports.

Standard reading range is 11.8 inches. Greater installation depths require our external antenna unit extending ranges up to 328 ft (100 m).

Reading devices meet the following:

  • High mechanical stability
  • Handy operation
  • Standard reading range up to 11.8 in
  • Permanent data storage for up to 1,000 sensors
  • Wireless transmission of data to a computer
  • Immediate display of the detected status data
  • Verify sensor functionality with the reader before, during, and after installation.

Online Monitoring

The software, developed by Infrasolute, aids in object management and data analysis. It stores data in the cloud, referencing and presenting the data in both tabular and graphical formats. Additionally, we mark structural plans with sensor data points. By integrating weather data and precipitation amounts, deeper analyses can be conducted. Furthermore, the software includes a proactive alert function when sensors detect values that exceed thresholds.

Short (30 second) screencast demonstrating visualization of sensors within BIM software and the display of IoT data recorded by sensors.

Web-based Dashboard

Server infrastructure, data hub, data conversion, and web-based visualizations provided

  • Web-based or via interfaces
  • Full transparency and tailored overview
  • 24-hour online availability
  • Trend analysis
  • Alarm function
  • Push notifications
  • Accurate real-time data display
  • Multi-project functionality
  • Interactive data with analysis dashboard
  • Customized reporting
  • Inventory + maintenance interval management
  • Offline software available.