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How is a retrofit installation carried out?

The retrofit installation of sensors is done through core drilling. The core drilling is only slightly larger than the sensor’s diameter. Initially, the core hole is cleaned and covered with bonding mortar. Next, the sensor is enveloped with bonding mortar. Finally, the sensor is pressed into the core hole. Optionally, a topping mortar, coating, etc., can be applied on the top surface.

Through the readings, it can be observed that the moisture content decreases and an equilibrium moisture level is reached. From this point, the bonding process with the old concrete begins. Moisture and chlorides are transported from the old concrete towards the sensor. This is achieved through the specific properties of the bonding mortar. The bonding mortar referenced to the sensor possesses mineral and open-pore characteristics, ensuring it doesn’t weaken the structure while facilitating bonding between the mortar and the old concrete.

The installation process is briefly demonstrated here.

Core hole before and after placement of device