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How is a retrofit installation carried out?

The retrofit installation of sensors is done through core drilling. The core drilling is only slightly larger than the sensor’s diameter. Initially, the core hole is cleaned and covered with bonding mortar. Next, the sensor is enveloped with bonding mortar. Finally, the sensor is pressed into the core hole. Optionally, a topping mortar, coating, etc., […]

What needs to be considered during sensor installation?

Factors to consider during sensor installation include ensuring that the tie wire is securely fastened to the reinforcement, preventing the sensor from floating during the concrete pouring process. Additionally, it is crucial to thoroughly document the sensor’s installation position in the plans to facilitate locating the sensor during future readings. For retrofit installations, it is […]

Who can install the sensors?

Installation can be provided either by the manufacturer/seller of the sensors or done independently after training provided.

How can I locate where the sensor is once it has been installed?

Ensuring a robust documentation of sensor installation and positioning on building plans is one effective method. Additionally, small marking chips provided with the sensors can be attached to the concrete surface or ceiling upon delivery–clearly indicating the sensor’s installation location. Furthermore, the reader device features a white LED that illuminates when it detects a sensor […]